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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've Got Some Studying to Do

I noticed the other day that I have 278 books on writing in my "to read" file. I don't keep track of how many I've read, but I promise I've studied my craft.

Here's the thing though. I still feel jipped. See, I live on the wrong side of the United States.

I write for the LDS market. Where is the hottest base for that market? Utah.

I write fantasy. Where's the biggest pocket of writers and conferences for fantasy writers? Yep, you guessed it: Utah.

Where do I live? Michigan.

Are you getting the disconnect here?

While I'm sitting at home in MI, all of my friends are working together in critique groups who really "get" where they're coming from. They're going to scads of conferences to hone their craft. Then having the audacity to gush about how good it was and how inspired they are because of it. I blow raspberries in their general direction.
If that's not bad enough, life circumstances have dictated that I will also be missing the one conference I haven't missed in, um, 6 years.

Hence, I was overjoyed to find I actually could attend a little bit of those conferences.

Dan Wells has posted links to his presentation at LTUE (Life, The Universe, and Everything) conference on Story Structure, both on live YouTube videos, and the powerpoint presentation he used.>
John Brown and Larry Correia have also posted videos of their class at LTUE on "How to Write a Story That Rocks"

Thank You!

I think I need to declare myself "on vacation" this weekend and hole up in my office watching writer's conference videos.

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