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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I Created a Blog

1. All my friends had one. Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to give in to peer pressure and all that, but they were having so much fun!
2. I like to see my name in print. Ok, so in this case it’s a computer screen, but its still an ego trip.
3. I love to write. I’m not very good at a lot of things, and I don’t like to do most of them, but I love to write and this is just one more chance.
4. Someone told me once it would help me sell more books. So go to my web site and buy one for heaven sakes!
5. My husband doesn’t *really* listen when I talk. At least not about writing, he’s supportive, but he doesn’t get it. I’m hoping you will.
6. I’m trying something new. I’m normally found playing on the non-fiction playground, but those no-good fiction writing friends of mine have been tempting my muse. It’s a scary thing to jump out of your comfort-zone.
7. I like to say the word “blog”. Ok admit it, it just a fun word to say, kudos to however thought that one up. Now I have another excuse.
8. I’m lousy at keeping my web site updated. This nags at the back of my mind a bit more than my site.
9. Random thoughts. Every writer has them, sometimes we have no idea what to do with them. Here’s my solution.
10. To inspire. Some of you, who attended the recent LDStorymakers conference, might recall my chosen super power. I chose invisibility. I’ve always thought that the Holy Ghost had the coolest job in the world. This is my way of whispering my own testimony to whoever will listen. Maybe it will inspire a super power of your own.