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Friday, March 12, 2010

Good People Doing Good Deeds

I need to give a shout out about a few amazing women. These three ladies have new books out this month and they are celebrating by offering service. Is it any wonder why I love them?

First, Annette Lyon’s new book Band of Sisters, a book about military wives, will be launched tomorrow in a celebration with two other authors.
In conjunction with the message of this book, Annette is encouraging people to lend a helping hand to the Flat Daddy program. Sound weird? Nope, it’s actually a beautiful concept.

You can contribute to the Flat Daddy Program in three ways:
· Donate a monetary amount of your choice. It will go toward the creation of future Flat Daddies.
· Buy a Flat Daddy for an unknown family who needs one. They will be asked to send a thank-you e-mail saying what the Flat Daddy you gave means to them.
· Buy a Flat Daddy for someone you know. Enter their e-mail address, and a code will be e-mailed to them that they can use to claim their Flat Daddy at no charge.
To donate to the Flat Daddy Program, CLICK HERE then go to the "Give" tab at the top of the page.

Annette’s launch party will take place at University Village Deseret Book, Orem
Friday, March 12, 2010
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Another author participating in that book launch is doing a good turn of her own as well. Julie Bellon is now working a program called Water for Warriors. This is in addition to Operation Care and Comfort and Skittles for Soldiers which she’s been part of for more than two years.
It’s summer and time to provide our soldiers with a different type of treat, to celebrate her new book, Dangerous Connections. Sooooo-

In partnership with Seagull Book and Operation Care and Comfort, Julie is going to be collecting beverage items that will make the water taste a little better.

From now through the end of March you can drop off any of these suggested donation items at preferred Seagull locations on the Wasatch front.

Sweetened Drink Mixes (Gatorade, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid)
Hot Chocolate mixes
Cider Mix
Sugar or Sweetener Packets
Cup of Noodles (no pork)

When you bring in any of the suggested items listed you’ll also receive an entry to win a free autographed copy of Dangerous Connections.
You can find a list of drop-off locations here.

Third, is my amazing friend Tristi Pinkston, whose newest title- Secret Sisiters- debuts on March 16th, has been conspiring with her main character Ida Mae on another worthy cause. Idea Mae is a Relief Society President, you see. That means when she finds her councilor is knitting socks for a homeless shelter she wants to make sure everyone else can get in on the act as well- no knitting required.
Tristi has chosen to have a “sock-raiser” to help out a local shelter. Here’s her thoughts on how to help.
1. Bring your donation of new, packaged socks in all sizes to any Secret Sisters book signing. You can keep track of them here.2. Send a check directly to The Road Home or donate online by clicking here. I will not be collecting any monetary donations - if you wish to give money, send it directly to The Road Home.3. You may take your own donation directly down to The Road Home.4. If you aren't in the area, you may make a donation of money or socks at the homeless shelter nearest you.
Tristi is celebrating her book launch with a handful of other authors (and a live band) at Gateway Barnes & Noble Salt Lake City
March 16, 2010
6:00 p.m. to 8:30

Join these wonderful ladies if you can, and give them a hug from me.
Know of someone else with a creative mind and a big heart? Inspire me!

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