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Friday, October 16, 2009

Speculating on the Whitney Awards

By now I hope you've all heard about the Whitney Award program. I've attended the Awards Gala the past two years and I can tell you that it's a wonderful experience. The room over-flows with love, support and inspiration. Very different than some other types of awards.

The Whitney Awards were created for that specific reason. They celebrate all the wonderful things LDS writer's contribute to the LDS community and the world in general.

Now, I love to be part of the voting for these awards. It's amazing to submerge myself in the LDS community has deemed awesome literature. But, it's also a problem for me. By the time the finalists are announced we have a short time to acquire and read all the titles in order to cast an honest vote. Getting those titles when you live outside of Utah can prove a challenge, so I try to keep my eye out for the titles that are getting the highest reviews and the most buzz. These I try to grab before the Whitney finalists are announced so I'm ahead of the game.

I have an itching to place a new order of LDS fiction. Here's where you come in.
Leave a comment here and let me know that best fiction written by an LDS author you've read so far this year. Let's see if my guesses line up with yours.

Remember: the book itself doesn't need to be specific to the LDS market, just written by and LDS author.

Oh, and make sure you pop over to the Whitney site and cast your votes there as well!


Stephanie Black said...

Lemon Tart by Josi Kilpack was excellent. I haven't yet read English Trifle, but hear great things about it too.

Tristi said...

Yep, Josi's books will be contenders, that's for sure. I also think Mark Shurtleff's Am I Not a Man will get a lot of nominations, but it's hard to guess what will happen in the judging. I really enjoyed "Santa Maybe" by Aubrey Mace, and I'm pretty sure "Alma" by HB Moore will be in the running - she's taken the Whitney the last two years.

Michele Holmes said...

I just finished reading My Fair Godmother---and promptly nominated it for a Whitney. I love all of Janette's books, but she hit the ball out of the park with this one. It's going to be tough competition in the YA category this year.

Annette Lyon said...

A few I'm betting will be finalists:

All the Stars in Heaven, Michele Paige Holmes

Land Keep, J. Scott Savage

Mazerunner, J. Scott Savage

My Fair Godmother, Janette Rallison

Tribunal, Sandra Grey

Lockdown, Traci Abramson

Eyes Like Mine, Julie Wright

Warbreakers, Brandon Sanderson

And I hope to be on there. Crossing fingers . . . :)

Alison Palmer said...

hmmmm, looks like we're thinking along the same lines. :)

Marcia Mickelson said...

I agree with many of those listed. Some of my picks are:

My Fair Godmother
Methods of Madness
Previously Engaged
All the Stars in Heaven

Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford--one of the best books I've read in a long time!