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Friday, October 9, 2009

Read Before You Buy: or,

A great way to waste an afternoon.

This week there is no specific review. I just thought I’d point out that there are a lot of ways to preview a title that you’re interested in buying. Yes, if you walk into a bookstore you can flip open the pages and see what catches you’re eye. If you’re like me, whatever it is will be about twice as much as your budget for said trip to the bookstore.

Or, you can go to Amazon and “take a peek” inside whenever that option is available.

Then, there’s another way. Go to the author’s web site. Many will post the first chapter of one or more books on their site for the specific purpose of giving you a chance to read before you buy. They want you to buy, they want to draw you in. What better way to do that then to let you read a bit of the book?

Because I’m such a nice blogger, I’ve provided a list of such authors here for you.

Because I’m also a lazy blogger, please understand that this is by no means an exhaustive list. They just happen to be ones I know about in my tiny portion of the universe. If you have a book in mind, look up its web site. Odds are pretty good you’ll get a nice size teaser to let you know if the book really does catch your fancy.

If you have a favorite author who has their first chapter(s) posted and their not listed here, post it in the comments so we can all go take a peek. My “to-read” list is just about to pass the 1000 book mark so help me reach my goal of wishful thinking. (I’m firmly convinced I’ll get them all read before I’m too senile to remember I’ve read them. At that point I get to start over.)

Happy web browsing!


Shirley Bahlmann

Annette Lyon

Sariah Wilson


Robison Wells


Abel Keogh

Middle grade

Clint Johnson

Tamra Norton

Mystery and Suspense

Julie Bellon

Stephanie Black

Kerry Blair

Christine Kersey

Josi Kilpack

Marcia Mickelson

Jeffrey Savage

G.G Vandagriff

Sweet Romance

Michele Ashman Bell

Kerry Blair

Joyce DiPastena

Marcia Mickelson

Tamra Norton

Suzanne Reese

Rebecca Talley


Marsha Ward

Women’s Fiction

Heather Justesen

Christine Thackeray


James Dashner

Katie Parker

Rick Riordan


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

such a good idea to post a first chapter! Although even then it's hard to judge.I will not buy a book w/out a good review/first chapter read first. You can't take it back if you didn't like it.

Alison Palmer said...

It's not fool proof, but a first chapter can, and should tell you a lot.