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Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes

Okay, as promised, here is my review of Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes. Saving Madeline is compelling story about one of many challenges we face in the world today. While Rachel’s signature romantic tones come through loud and clear, it by no means overwhelms a very powerful and thought provoking story. But don’t worry, even though the subject matter is far from light, Saving Madeline will pull you in with out depressing you beyond belief.

I enjoyed the story very much and think Rachel will manage her goal of expanding her audience while still inspiring and teaching at the same time. I think Saving Madeline has earned a place on my “favorites” shelf. It was a good read.

I had very selfish reasons for wanting to know if writing this story kept Rachel up and night, since she managed to keep me up past my bedtime in order to find out what happened. Even though I had a pretty good idea of how things would play out, the last third of the book sucked me right in and wouldn’t let me go until I reached The End. Some may have difficulties with an aspect of the ending, but I agree with Rachel. It needed to be there, and I don’t see any other way she could have made such a powerful point. Kudos to Rachel for her sensitive and powerful storytelling ability in Saving Madeline.

I also liked the fact that even though it was clear who the love interest for heroine was supposed to be, it wasn’t an easy path and he wasn’t her only choice. There were others that liked her and others she liked and had to get to know as well. While not every woman will have multiple suitors I still think it’s a healthier view than having the world revolve around one man and one woman as if no one else has or ever will exist.

Did I have any hiccups while reading? I guess, for me, I felt the timing of when and how people were investigated seemed a little off. It was what the story needed, but it still felt slightly backward to me. Did it pull me far enough out of the book to make me unsatisfied with it? No, not at all. It was more like a yelling at the guy in the movie, “You moron what do you mean you can’t tell he’s guilty?” moment.

Rachel should be very proud of Saving Madeline. I look forward to seeing where Imprints, and her future titles take her.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog to be entered in the drawing for a copy of Saving Madeline. I believe this is her last stop on the tour, so speak up quick!

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Wendy said...

Thanks for the review. Would love to win a copy.