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Friday, July 4, 2008

House of Secrets by Jeffery S. Savage

I recently had the pleasure of re-reading a favorite book of mine: House of Secrets by Jeffery S. Savage.
This is the first book in the Shandra Covington mystery series, and I love it. If you’re a mystery fan, but hate having to skip whole pages because of negative content, then these books are for you. The main character is LDS and there are a few cultural references. Aside from that it’s just a clean and exciting novel that anyone could pick up and appreciate. There are no covert or not-so-covert gospel messages and valuable insights, well except maybe: don’t go into houses that have been standing empty for years, there’s probably a good reason no one else is dumb enough to go inside.

Yes, this is a guy writing a female main character. I understand he has a lot of help making sure he portrays us correctly. Still, I have one bone to pick with him about Shandra. I do not know any women over the age of 20 who can eat as much as Shandra does and be as skinny as she is. Yeah, I know there are a few choice women out there with “high metabolisms” that makes this possible. For the rest of us pleasantly plump people we can only roll our eyes and get mildly jealous at the very mention of such a thing. Sure, I share her passion for food, but her waistline makes her less real to me. Sorry Shandra but you really need to gain a few pounds.

My husband claims that the plot in House of Secrets is fairly predictable. Whatever. The man thinks everything is fairly predictable. I don’t think he’s ever been surprised in his life. He’s also one of those who reads Stephen King and the like on a regular basis, so if that’s the type of book you crave it may be a little too mild for you. I couldn’t say for sure because for me it’s just right. Skinny heroine all, House of Secrets definitely earns a place among my favorites.

Jeff Savage is the master of cliffhanger breaks. Be forewarned that he is very skilled at not letting you go once he’s got you reading. The very first sentences hook you and then he spends the rest of the book reeling you in bit by bit. Just when you think you can put it down at the end of the chapter he’ll end with another point of tension that just draws you further in.

There are many who are still cursing his name for the ending of the second Shandra Convington mystery. He’d better get the third volume out pretty soon or there could be lynching mobs after him. Actually, a little bird told me recently that he is working on the editing process on that one right now. Yeah!

Ok, now here’s the best part. Click on one of the links for House of Secrets. Go on, I’ll wait. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
Yep. It’s super saver time! As part of their summer clearance Deseret Book is offering House of Secrets for only $2! Go get one. Now. I promise it’s more fun than the two double cheeseburgers from McDonalds that you could have spent your money on.

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