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Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Contest Time!

For the entire month of October I have been running small contests on my facebook page for free copies of my new book A Companion to the Children’s Songbook.

We’ve reached the last Monday in October, so this marks the last and biggest contest.
It will run until midnight (EST) October 31, 2013.

You may enter here, or on facebook.  I’ll be posting reminders throughout the week there.
How do you enter? Do one (or several) of the following things:

  1. Visit your local Deseret Book store and go on a treasure hunt for my book.  Then: Leave a comment if you find it naming the specific store.
  2.  If you don’t find it, kindly ask the staff at that store to consider carrying it. Then:  Leave a comment saying that you did so.
  3. Don’t live anywhere near a Deseret Book?  Recommend my book to your local primary chorister, and provide them with this purchase link http://deseretbook.com/Companion-Childrens-Songbook-Alison-Palmer/i/5093163. Then: leave a comment that you did so.

That’s it, just help me spread the word a little bit and you could find a free copy in your own hands.  Yippee!


Penny Hardy said...

I have your wonderful book, and I will share it with my Primary, but I don't want to win another one, it is someone else's run. The book is more than wonderful. Hope some deserving person wins it.

Pat Kelsey Graham said...

I found your book in "Helps for Teachers" at Deseret Book, Fort Union, Midvale, Utah.

Pat Kelsey Graham said...

Pat Graham said I found your book in Teaching Helps at Deseret Book Fort Union Midvale Utah.

Elaine said...

I found mine in the Teaching Helps section in the American Fork store. Love it!

Elaine said...

I found mine in the Teaching Helps section of the American Fork store. Love it!