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Friday, August 7, 2009

Under a Lakota Moon by Deborah L. Weikel

I just had the pleasure of reading Deborah Weikel’s first novel, Under a Lakota Moon. This is a book you want on hand when you need a good feeling and a little bit of an escape, but not so much that you don’t notice when the kids are out for each other’s blood. I could read, keep the plot in my head, and yell at my kids all at the same time. Trust me. That’s easier said and done.

Under a Lakota Moon fits solidly in the historical romance genre. I don’t consider myself an expert in the genre but it seemed to fit in the niche some call “formula romance”. It follows a very simple, predictable pattern. It’s straight forward, and easy to predict. There is no doubt from page one who is supposed to end up together and why, there are no real obstacles thrown in their way outside of their own self-doubts. It’s just a clean, sweet love story. Some may not like that, but billions of book buying women do. I think that’s part of their appeal, actually. This one is doubly appealing because it’s also squeaky clean. Intimacy is explored as something sacred and wonderful but the bedroom door is still firmly shut. Yippee!

I loved the strong sense of right and wrong that Rosalyn possessed and every woman deserves a little bit of Lone Wolf in their life. That said, I did get a little annoyed with Rosalyn for making assumptions early on that things would always go her way. And, Lone Wolf seemed to lack depth for me, or maybe I just prefer my men flawed. ;)

Me, personally, I’m not a straight romance person. So, my favorite part came after Lone Wolf got shot (in the last quarter of the book). I liked the last little glitch Deborah threw in the best. That had me thoroughly engaged and interested in figuring out the short who-dunnit element.

My other favorite piece? Lone Wolf’s first oral prayer. It was something I really needed to be reminded of at the moment I read it. Thanks, Lone Wolf, for reminding me what really makes my world complete.

What will you find in Under a Lakota Moon? Romance, faith, lessons in living without prejudice, family values, and more romance under a Sweetheart’s moon in the 1870’s version of Minnesota. If those things are up your alley and you need a book that doesn’t make you think too hard during this last stretch of summer, it’s probably worth getting your hands on a copy of Under a Lakota Moon.

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