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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

I’m discovering that apparently I have name issues. Oh, not my own—my characters.

While working on my current project I noticed a distinct trend in my writing. My last four fiction books (including my WIP) have had a character undergo a name change. The reasons vary, but it’s still there and it usually plays a crucial part in the story. Now, some would say this is not at all a wise thing to do. I mean, who wants to read half a story only to find out that the character you’ve been following really has a different name? It could get confusing.

So, now I’m wondering. What do I have against names? Do I hold some subliminal grudge against my parents for naming me Alison (and spelling it nontraditionally)? Do I lack some element of identity and self-esteem that makes me want to be someone else? Do I just really like messing with my reader’s minds? It’s a mystery.

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