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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is Tough: I Doubt I'll Make It Out Alive by Stacy Gooch-Anderson

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said I needed a book whose sole purpose was to make me laugh? Well, I got a good amount of giggles from one title and another healthy dose from: Life if Tough: I Doubt I'll Make It Out Alive by Stacy Gooch-Anderson. What a fun book!

While reading, I had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments that made my husband look at me funny, but I didn't care-- he's always looking at me funny. Life it Tough is a humorous look at all the little quirks life sends every day that you have two choices about: you either laugh and enjoy them for what they are, or let them weigh you down until everything becomes a drudgery.

I particularly enjoyed Stacy's account of the hard work she put in to learning to be the perfect mother before her kids actually came along. Ah, I remember those days well. Although I have to say I did a mite better in my home ec. classes than she did. I even won a state-wide academic competition for my home making prowess, and an outstanding student award at the end of my senior year. If it were possible to letter in home ec I would have. I started college as a home ec major (a degree our advanced society seems to have phased out, or maybe just “outsourced” to more professional venues.) How much of it have I actually used as a mother? Hmmm, good question. I think I sewed a hidden seam once when I was adventurous enough to sew for my adorable girls-- 1 and 3 at the time. I soon came to my senses and stopped that nonsense in its tracks.

Just when I thought I'd found the ultimate do-nothing-but-make-me-laugh book, Stacy whips out some serious life problems. Even though doing so meant Life is Tough flunked my serious fluff test, it proved a very good point. Up until then, all the stories had been completely relatable and completely drawn from every day life. I can see where it would be easy for someone to pick up this book and say, “Well sure, she can laugh. She's never had to face real trials like mine.” Not so. Stacy proves that what does not eventually make us laugh will likely be the thing that kills us.

There were a handful of jokes scattered throughout that I recognized as mutated versions of things I'd heard elsewhere. But, I was willing to forgive that since I was having the time of my life with the rest of the experience.

Although I'll probably never forgive Stacy for getting Rod Stewart's "If You Want My Body" stuck in my head for over a week, I highly recommend letting Stacy Gooch-Anderson throw you a life saver of humor the next time you need a good laugh. Who knows, you might learn something along the way as well.

Stacy is on virtual tour this month and providing a “life-saver” a day on the tour. Please visit her blog: Stayinalivewithstacy.blogspot.com to explore the gem of wisdom for today Any one who thinks you are too small to make a difference has never been alone in a tent with a hungry mosquito.” And any other life saver that will make your day.

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1 comment:

Stacy G. Anderson said...

Thanks, Alison. I'm glad you liked it and found the ability to laugh through several of life's moments.

Home-Ec queen huh? What a pair we would've been for that teacher - the queen and the clod.....;-)

Talk to you soon!