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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finished (Sort Of)

Today, I'm happy to announce that I have finally finished my WIP. Well, the first draft of it anyway. This particular baby caused me a much longer labor than I usually like so I'm relieved to have him finally here. But, he also weighed in at a hefty 84,149 words which is pretty long for a YA and tells me that even though the story is all there now, I have a lot work and editing to do.

It's always a relief to get to this point, but the trip is far from over. Now, an entirely different type of work and creative process begins. I have to figure out if anything I've said is worthwhile. There are parts where I know I've done my job well, but plenty of parts where I wonder what I was thinking by putting such gibberish on the page.

Here's the really weird thing though: the bloody thing still doesn't have a really cool name I'm totally in love with.

I've been calling it Blood, in fact. Well, the official name I gave the file was Blood of the Gods but that's kind of a mouthful, isn't it?

Actual conversation held in my kitchen of late:

Me: "I got to work on Blood today."

Husband: "Good. How far did you get?"

Me: "I hacked out about another 2,000."

At which point my children have lost their appetite. Which is actually fine, since I didn’t want to cook dinner anyway. :)

Hopefully I’ll hit on just the right name while I’m doing revisions. Of course, it really doesn’t matter. If I ever get someone to publish it they’ll change the name to whatever marketing tells them will sell best but still. . . it’s nice to call your baby something other than “hey kid” don’t you think?


Judaloo said...

I would love to read what you've written!! Even though I haven't written anything but blog posts in a year, I know JUST what you mean about getting it done. I acutally like the revision process, though...after a rest. Its sort of cleansing and refreshing to look at it over again and take out what doesn't belong and so forth. Now I'm starting to miss school. Guess I should get writing on my own stuff, right?!

Alison Palmer said...

Judaloo- What the heck or you doing? Get writing girlfriend!
My favorite part of revisions is coming across that totally awesome passage that leaves you speechless and thinking "wow, did I really write that? how cool!". It totally makes up for the rest of the time when you're shaking your head in dismay.
I'll let you know when my "bloody" baby is ready for readers. :)