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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Peacegiver and The Holy Secret

Have you read The Peacegiver by James L. Ferrell? This book quickly became a bestseller among LDS fiction and rightly so. It’s a sweet book of redemption. It tells the story of a man, a simple man just like many of us, who needs to understand who his Savior really is. He needs to learn what Christ is capable of accomplishing in his life if given the chance.

That’s a lesson most of us need to learn. It’s easy to forget, or feel unworthy of what we see or read about the Savior. It seems like another place, another time, another more humble and deserving individual. That’s the place the main character, Rick Carson, finds himself. He is lost in his own sorrow and bitterness for what feels like a failed marriage and a failed life.

At least for me, there some moments in the story where the descriptions of Rick’s feelings and memories become a little cumbersome, but I think Brother Ferrell does this for specific purposes. I think he wants to make sure we can see ourselves in the life of his character. He wants us to notice our own feelings of despair and worry then discover our own path to the Savior. Brother Ferrell wants us to come to the end of the book with a renewed sense of hope and faith in the Savior’s ability to heal our homes and our individual lives. In the end, that’s what he accomplishes.

The Peacegiver is a story about trying to heed Christ’s call to “Come Unto Me” that gently guides the reader through eternal gospel truths that can uplift and replenish anyone’s spirit. For this reason alone, it’s worth the read for anyone who wants to develop a closer relationship with the Savior.

The Holy Secret is James L. Ferrell’s second book along these same tones. This time the reader is drawn into the life of another Latter-day Saint with some questions. These are questions many of us probably entertain at sometime time on our spiritual journey. In The Holy Secret, Michael is pricked by the words of an older gentleman in his ward. The man states with such clarity and firmness that he loves the gospel and the tools of holiness Heavenly Father has given each of us. Michael wonders why his faith own seems to be void of such conviction and passion for righteousness. He goes through the motions, knowing at some comfortable level that the church is right and good, but not really feeling the depth of testimony he would like.

The Holy Secret is another book full of thought provoking questions and gentle instruction that can lead each of us on a spiritual quest to truly love the gospel of Jesus Christ and find its true place in our lives.

Now, do you want to know the best secret about The Holy Secret? It’s available to read online, for free. Yep, free. Just follow this link and read along.

If you have yet to read either of these books, this is a good place to start. The chapters are short, easy reading. It only takes a few minutes each day to give yourself hours of thought as you go about your life. A new chapter is posted every Wednesday, so pencil it in. I encourage you to add this bookmark to your weekly “surfing” session. See if The Holy Secret speaks to your heart. If is does, make sure you read The Peacegiver as well.

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Candace E. Salima said...

I haven't read them yet. I do have the Peacegiver, so I'll read that and pick up a copy of The Holy Secret. You've made me want to read them more than ever.