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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Discovering All-You-Can-Read Happy Hour

Ok, I just learned a very devastating piece of information. You see, my library has added a new feature. I can now read and listen to books from the comfort of my very own computer.

The little link was very deceiving. All it said was "e-books now available". I clicked on it out of curiosity and found literally thousands of titles right there at my fingertips. I searched for a couple of recent titles that are on my list thinking, "Yah, sure, they're probably all things like Missing May and Animal Farm. Not that these aren't fabulous titles, I really like them, but they're not on that infamous "To Read" list of mine (currently at 482 titles).

Searching was a very bad idea. I plugged in a couple of newer releases and a half second later the information would pop up on my computer screen. There were tantalizing tidbits of information like "read the first chapter here", "download e-book now", and "download audio book now" and the most important word of all "free". My fingers began to twitch. My eyes began to bug out. It was like manna from heaven! The kid who feels like she's stepped into an all-you-can-eat candy store every time she goes to the library now has free home deliver service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm shuddering with excitement. I might even piddle my pants (I've had several kids you know).

So, why is this news so devastating? Four words: time management, self-control. I'm completely lacking in both. As I sat there perusing the endless choices I started arguing with myself:
If I downloaded this one I could listen to it while I do the dishes that have been sitting there since yesterday (Or was it the day before? I really can't recall).

My very weak will tried to argue back:
Yeah, but you've only got 2 days to finish your deadlines.

I have deadlines? Dang! It slipped my mind.

I had to physically get up and walk away from temptation, but see, now I know it's there. Do me a favor, if I haven't moved from in front of my computer in 2 days, somebody cut the power.


Crystal Liechty said...

Wow, that would be hard to resist. But I'm curious, do they limit the amount you're allowed to read them online? Do you have due dates like if you'd actually checked them out?

Candace E. Salima said...

Alison - you are so funny. Love your style!

Alison Palmer said...

There are limits, but nothing that can stop me! I can "check out" 5 audio books and 10 ebooks every 2 weeks. They're all full texts. Ah, bliss.

Thanks, Candace! It's always nice to know your quirks are appreciated. :)