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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adding To My Reading List

My reading list is sort of like a sacred cow in my home. My husband has learned not to ask questions like "why do you want to read all those anyway?" or calculate for me that if I read a book every day I still couldn't get through the entire list in a year. He just sadly shakes his head when he sees me add another entry.

My list is almost always over 400 entries long. I search my libraries and book stores for the titles and generally keep a stack of 10-15 books by my bed at all times. There are probably 3 of those titles that I'm actively reading at the same time.

I jot down titles that interest me, authors I want to look into, and books that have been recommended to me by others. Yes, it's a long list but I'm always happy to add a few more notations because I love the written word in almost any form.

This past week I got to add a few more titles. I love LDS fiction; but, since I don't live in an area that has a huge amount of Latter-day Saints in it, I have to read these books much slower than I would like.

The Whitney Award Finalists have now been announced. I was happy to see how many I had already read and even more excited to read those that I hadn't.

Go check out the list and see where you stand. If you need to, start your own "to read" list. I promise these books are worth the effort.


Shellie said...

I don't dare make a to read list just yet, but in a few years when the kids are older...

Alison Palmer said...

You learn to sneak it in. I read a lot of children's and YA for that very reason. I can justify getting to read what I want while reading to the kids. I also love to get my hands on recorded books. I make my family listen to them in the car instead of fighting over the radio. My husband also has to tolerate them as we're going to sleep at night. I keep books everywhere and read snatches with stolen moments.
Heaven help us when one of those books snags me entirely and everything else is ignored until I finish it!