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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ten Reasons I’m Grateful I’m a Writer

Last night as I curled up into bed, I spent just a few moments thinking about what I love most about my life. One of the simple Primary songs came to mind and I found myself humming. “At night, when I’m alone in bed, I close my eyes and see, the many things I’m thankful for that God has given me.”

It was the first night in many that my day has been without great trial or chaos. It was nice to have those feelings of thankfulness back again.

Since this is a writing blog I chose to focus a few of my thoughts about why I’m so grateful that the Lord has given me a writing talent and an understanding family that lets me develop it. So, here are ten reasons:

1. I love working from home.
2. I love the feeling of inspiration and creation.
3. It pays better (most of the time) than fast food.
4. I have an excuse for being eccentric and slightly off balance.
5. It can only get better from here- the more I write the more I learn about my craft and the better I get.
6. It caters to my split personality: I can be a different person everyday. Because of the diversity of what I write, I can become a different person through my writing every day.
7. The flexible hours. If I can’t sleep, I can write. If I can’t write, I can sleep.
8. It’s the one profession I know of that it’s ok to have voices in your head. It’s even better to actually listen to them.
9. Writing gives me an excuse to explore and learn about anything that strikes my fancy.
10. Every once in a while I write something that inspires someone.

“These many blessings make me feel so thankful to be me.” (Children’s Songbook p. 11)


Judaloo said...

What a great list! Very funny. I especially loved the ones about voices in your head and split personalities. Its most funny right now because I am taking an Abnormal Psych class and we just went over this stuff. Hee hee. I got a good chuckle out of it.

Rebecca Talley said...

Great list. A lot of those apply to me, too.

I'm thankful to be a writer, but I'm not so sure it's my talent--maybe just something I want bad enough to really work hard at. who knows?