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Friday, May 7, 2010

Imprints by Rachel Ann Nunes

I’ve mentioned a few times how excited I was to read Imprints by Rachel Ann Nunes. This has been an interesting project to see Rachel create and nurture into being. She just keeps finding ways to stretch her talent and expand our minds. I’m happy to report that I was wholly satisfied with the experience when I finally got to crack Imprints open.

Imprints takes a slightly different theme than most might be used to seeing in Rachel Ann Nunes’ work. This is the first true women’s paranormal book to be written by Rachel and a first for her publishers Deseret Book and Shadow Mountain. Do not go into this one expecting LDS content- only a good read with good solid writing that anyone, LDS or not, can pick up and appreciate. I think Rachel did an excellent job with the venture and kudos to Deseret Book for being willing to take a chance on this new genre.

Without a doubt the fantasy and paranormal worlds are a big draw for the reader looking for an escape, adventure, a little bit of magic and a little bit of imaginative belief all in one place. That creates quite a challenge for the conscientious reader who doesn’t want to be bombarded by crude language or even cruder actions. Unfortunately many, many mainstream paranormal books feel the need to somehow intertwine sexuality with fantastical abilities. No worries with Imprints. You’ll find a great story, geared toward an adult reader rather than a YA (though they will enjoy it as well) market without all those pesky little elements that can leave you blushing or trying to figure out how to wash out the character’s mouths for them. It’s a good, compelling story that will draw you in and make you feel satisfied and comfortable to be there.

Imprints leads us into the life of Autumn, who is introduced in Eyes of a Stranger, we come to understand her ability to see and feel impressions left behind by others. We get a feel for what it must be like to have a gift that many do not believe in but has the potential to change people’s lives. Autumn is drawn into a mystery surrounding a seemingly benign group of people trying to share loving and communal lives. As Autumn can tell you, things are often very different from what they seem, getting a look inside can be both revealing and confusing. It seems no matter what choice she makes, Autumn is propelled forward into a world that feels familiar and comforting as well as secretive and terrifying. All I can say is hurray for Jake!

Fair warning though: although Imprints stands very well on its own there are enough teasers hidden in the story to make you curious about the back story in Eyes of a Stranger. Sooo, if you haven’t read that one, I’d recommend picking up both and enjoying the full “Autumn” experience. Either way, Imprints goes on my “definitely should read” recommendation shelf. Block off a summer afternoon- you’ll not want to stop once you start.


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Shaylen said...

Thanks for this review...sounds so good I'm gonna' go read it now!

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