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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Once More With Feeling

Okay, Okay. I realize October is over and I'm sure you've noticed I didn't exactly finish my BIAM challenge manuscript. Instead of 50,000 words I ended up with a measly 27,515.

My husband keeps reminding me it's because I let my life be turned upside down mid-month and lost all that convenient time I thought I was going to have for writing. He's also quick to remind me that if I cranked out that same amount every month that's 5-6 YA novels a year so I should quit whining and get back to work. Yeah, he's just ever so sweet.

Any way, I'm taking my wise husband's advise and continuing to write (like I could be stopped!) My goal for November is simply to finish what I started in October because I've got a few things on the back burner that are getting really tired of being shoved aside.

So, here we go. Another month another 23,000 words. Wish me luck!

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