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Monday, October 20, 2008

Three Angels for Christmas by Lori Nawyn

I was recently asked to review a small Christmas gift booklet by author Lori Nawyn and was pleased to do so. I enjoy meeting new people and reading new and interesting books almost as much as I enjoy a good dessert.

Lori is a member of the Books, Books and More Books group on yourLDSNeighborhood- hi Lori! So be sure to drop by her page or her blog and let her know what you think of her booklet if you get a chance to read it.

Lori created this booklet in response to the losses she has experienced in past years that have happened to correspond with the Christmas season. That is always an especially hard time to lose someone you love. That is why Lori felt it was important for her to create her own “angels” that would help her remember and honor those loved ones for what they inspired her with during their lives.

Three Angels for Christmas is a simple memoir that reflects on the lessons she learned from her grandparents. For me, the book was simply that- a personal expression best appreciated by close family and friends who can share in Lori’s love for her family. While I enjoyed her trip down memory lane and the lessons learned, the text seemed to just stop short. I had to re-read the last pages a couple of times, still looking for more insight on how Lori resolved her own issues and how the actual angels were created in her thoughts and heart. I wish there would have been more of that. I recognize that she was able to put things in perspective, but for me personally I never really got how she create those angels. I can derive the conclusions on my own, but I would have like Lori to spend a little more time putting the memories and lessons together with the angels.

My thoughts aside, Three Angels for Christmas does offer a special gift to those that you might know who have endured similar experiences with loss that becomes tangled up with what is supposed to be a heightened awareness of the Savior and the joy He would have each of us experience. That’s a tall order when your heart is grieving. You may know in your mind that the Savior’s love is real and that there are such things as faith, hope, and charity, in the world, but you often have a harder time finding them. So, prayerfully consider if Lori’s thoughtful little booklet might help them realize they are not alone in their sorrow, that you love them, and that there are ways to cope that can bring them lasting joy.

There just might be things you personally need to hear in her short booklet as well. The messages I most needed came on the final page:

“Choosing to fully embrace Christmas, despite our various trials, in a way that celebrates life and love, faith, hope, and charity, will yield the true joy the holiday was intended to bring.”

Nice thought Lori. Thanks for that.

She also encourages us each to spend time figuring out what each of these three angels mean to us personally. It might make a difference on our path this Christmas or to the paths of our family in future generations.

Three Angels for Christmas was published by O. Halverson & Co. Publishing, and retails for $4.95 with its own gift envelope. There are also three Christmas cards available depicting each of the three angels.

Lori Nawyn is co-author of three inspirational short story collections and one cookbook. In addition, her award winning fiction and non-fiction works have appeared in regional and national publications. She works as an artist and graphic designer. Lori and her husband, Brian, a firefighter, enjoy their four children, two grandchildren, and three dogs.

You can visit with her at the Neighborhood, or on her blog. I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing from you.

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Heather B. Moore said...

This sounds like a great book!

Tristi Pinkston said...

My favorite thing about this booklet -- the illustrations. The colors used are so rich and vibrant, I loved looking at them.