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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Mist of Quarry Harbor by Liz Adair

Shame on me. I finally got my curriculum outline and should be hard at work on my next project, but what did I do yesterday? I read a book.

I'd picked up The Mist of Quarry Harbor by Liz Adair a while ago and never had a chance to read it. It turns out I just needed a good procrastination excuse. All it took was a very tight book deadline to mull over and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to read a good book.

I chose The Mist of Quarry Harbor for its mysterious cover. I have to admit, a boat in the middle of nowhere was a very appealing idea at the moment. Plus, I liked the back cover blurb because I could completely relate.

“The sheets were damp and cold as Cassie climbed into bed. She shivered, aching with loneliness. . . . Cassie lay listening to the creaking timbers of the old hotel, and tears slid down her face.

It doesn’t matter what answers I find, she thought. Nothing will ever be the same.

“It was in that twilight between wakefulness and sleep that she wondered how she could find any answers when she didn’t even know the questions.”

My choice did not disappoint me at all.

The Mist of Quarry Harbor was a quick, engrossing read that I thoroughly enjoyed escaping my own life through. After all, I was certainly better off than the main character in Ms. Adair's tale of intrigue. I was at first a bit skeptical, however. The Mist of Quarry Harbor begins very heavily based in romance and I'm afraid I'm totally romance impaired. I just don't get it. I found myself immediately suspicious of all the motives behind the mush. I don't know if a “normal” woman would have been or not, but I certainly have a problem with men who seem so focused on wooing women. They just make me suspicious, so I had a hard time relating to the Cassie’s choices. Oh, I do have moments when I'd like to be adored, but I much prefer feeling safe and understood. I'm just weird that way.

Even with a choice that I tell myself I never would have made, I couldn't help falling in love with the overall story. No, romance may not be my downfall but I have made my own fair share of bad choices. I’ve found myself in enough places I never would have chosen to be in that it was an easy transition to empathy for the characters and story. I loved it even more when the mush toned down and the intrigue settled in full force.

Liz Adair is a very talented storyteller. She manages to keep and hold your attention, whether you think the story is your “thing” or not. There are twists and turns that aren't always easily understood and some that are just plain obvious. It's a good mixture.

Sadly, despite all of the pitfalls experienced by the character in Quarry Harbor, I'm wondering how to convince my husband to sell our home and buy a boat to live on. I'm in love with her beautiful and poetic descriptions of all the settings in the book. I already have a soft spot for Arizona as it is, but Quarry Harbor in Washington left me hungry for that type of peaceful experience. Just as soon as I can figure out how to get over my tendency toward motion sickness.

I think I would definitely have to classify The Mist of Quarry Harbor as a women's romantic suspense title. Most men would probably see right through the “love interest” as well. I think most guys would probably roll their eyes and agree with me that any guy who acted like that wanted something and it had very little to do with noble qualities they may or may not possess. Still, if you had your hubby skip those first few mushy chapters, I think even they would appreciate the story of adventure, sailing, cops, robbers, and mistaken identities.

Now I have to get back to work on my own latest “masterpiece”, but you can bet I’m keeping one eye peeled for Liz’s next title.

Liz Adair writes the “Service” column for yourLDSneighborhood. If you need a lift, visit her blog at http://sezlizadair.blogspot.com/

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