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Friday, April 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, so I hate being tagged by Tristi because her responses are always so darn cute I can’t compete! So here I am with my pathetic seven random things and seven people to tag.

1. I have a small piece of the Berlin wall. My brother was living over there at the time it came down so he joined in the celebration with his German girlfriend and sent me a piece of the wall.

2. The third nail on my left hand grows curved under in the middle. I type with the pads of all of my other fingers, but for some reason I curl that finger under and type with my nail. Hence, it grows curved under. My high school typing teacher would be very ashamed.

3. As a young child, I once ate dog food just to prove to my mother that I really was hungry.

4. I have a complete phobia about tearing cardboard or rubbing pieces of it together. For me it has the same effect as running your nails down the chalkboard. The sound and feel just grate down my spine and make me want to go fetal. So if I ever fold the top flaps of a box together for you, or undo them for that matter, just know that means I really like you because it’s the ultimate sacrifice.

5. I am allergic to latex. Sadly, this also means I can’t eat fun things like bananas, kiwi, avocados, and a bunch of other things. Weird huh?

6. Continuing with the food theme: I’ve never tasted asparagus or okra and have absolutely no desire to either.

7. I love flowers and gardens but kill more than I actually manage to grow. I keep telling my husband if he’d just buy me flowers once a month I wouldn’t have to replant the entire garden every year (because the old stuff refuses to be tortured by me a second year). This however has never happened, so I keep right on planting and killing. Poor plants.

Ok. Now for 7 new victims:

The Alvin half of the amazing Candace and Alvin team (Sorry, just had to shake things up a bit)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I didn't know you hate being tagged by me. We have a choice. I can either stop tagging you, or I can tag you regularly so you can build up an immunity. Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions. . .

Alison Palmer said...

Or, you could just send me chocolate or lipgloss every time you do. I'm always open for a bribe.
Love you lady!

Carole Thayne said...

I thought your responses were very interesting. By the way, I love asparagras, but also ate dog food when I was little, not to prove to my mom that I was hungry though. I was just curious, and also not all that little.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Oh, you should try my cream of asparagus soup! It's sooooo smooth and has a bit of lemon zest and nutmeg . . . . .and it's green.

I have never eaten dog food but one of my boys did when he was a toddler and he seemed to like it. . . . the rest of us gagged.


Alison Palmer said...

I don't know guys. Every time I think about asparagus I get this funny taste in my mouth- somewhere between baby food peas and canned spinnach. I have no idea why, probably some suppressed childhood trauma.