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Friday, October 5, 2007

My Cheering Squad

I’m drawing close to the end of the BIAM challenge and just wanted to thank my cheering squad.

Candace has been awesome to drop by constantly and cheer me on. Thank you so much for you loving support!

Tristi is as awesome as always. I am in awe of all she manages to do with her life and the amount she still has left over to fill everyone else’s cup with. She loves you into wanting to do your best. What a great gift.

Then there is my husband who asks me before he leaves for work what scene I will be working on, calls at lunch to check my progress, and encourages me to write at every turn. I took my mini computer to bed with me the other night to catch a few more thoughts before I went to sleep. Besides, I usually can’t get to sleep until they're on the page. Instead of grumbling, he listened. He listened to the tiny clicking my keys make as I type. Whenever they would pause he’d check in with me, asking if everything was ok, how it was going, or if I needed help. Not an impatient: “Aren’t you done yet so I can get some sleep?” What an amazing man.

OK, it may seem a little strange but I have to include my dog among my cheerleaders as well. Remember that small clicking sound I mentioned? For some reason it’s like a siren song to her. Whenever I take my computer to the recliner in “her” room, she comes over and perches herself on my shoulder and lies down with her nose almost touching the keys. This makes it very hard to type I assure you, but some how I manage and she silently watches, her ears twitching to the rhythm of my fingers. If I stop she looks back at me with that “Well, get on with it you silly human look.” I’m so glad I can write a book for her sole amusement.

My kids are mostly oblivious to the project. They’re kind of used to their mother acting psychotic all the time. They’re good with that as long as I keep that house stocked with cold cereal (hey, its vitamin fortified), milk, hot dogs, bread, and PB&J. My teenage daughter does notice and is rooting for me not to finish. Even this is very encouraging. See, we have an additional challenge going between us that I will finish my book before she gets all of her school work caught up. It’s a tight race. The looser has to treat the winner to dinner at Taco Bell. Yeah, I’m cheap.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I am very blessed to be able to live the writer’s dream. One of the most frequent questions writers get asked is, “How do you find time to write?” In this I’m also very fortunate. My husband’s job earns a decent income so I don’t have to work. My children are all in school. Yes, my oldest is home schooled but her course work is entirely automated on the computer. I’m just there to monitor her and help her along. Still, my life is very stressful and hectic. If you’ve read my previous blogs you know that one of my biggest struggles is justifying the amount of time I devote to writing without it bringing in the kind of income I could be making if I just went back to work as a nurse. It’s a very twisted way to look at one of my greatest gifts and pleasures.

When I think about it, really think about it, and get past the world’s notions of success I find something amazing. I am a better person because I write. The world is a better place because I write. I have amazing friends and family who stand behind me as I write.

With all that I’ve been blessed with the question should really be, “How can I not find time to write?”

Thanks for cheering me on and keeping my perspective focused on the happiness writing brings me.

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Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

No problem, Alison. We all have our cheering squads. Thank you for reminding me about mine.

And I love dropping by your blog. Even the title is so amazing and evokes so many images in my overloaded brain. So keep blogging and I'll keep dropping by.