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Monday, May 28, 2007

Remembering the Simple Words

Recently a friend of mine wrote about how authors spent their first royalty checks. How Are You Going to Spend It?
It wasn’t my first royalties, but I had a check show up this weekend that I decided to spend part of on a whim. I bought a much begged for puppy for my children. Yes, I know I’m a push-over.
Since the little fur ball’s arrival Saturday I’ve not touched my WIP, nor have I had a fairly intelligent conversation. It seems that most of my speech has been converted down to its simplest forms.
The most frequent phrases:
“Go potty, Penny.”
“No, Penny.” and
“Good girl.”
I did manage to squeeze in one “Stop antagonizing the dog!” but that’s been it.
Now, as mentioned before, I love to spin a few good words around until they form something magical. There is nothing magical about talking to a new puppy. Or is there?
Sometimes I think we’re prone to use far too many words to explain the simplest things. Sometimes the little words can carry the greatest weight.

I’m sorry.
Thank you.
I love you.
Be nice.
Can I help?
Good girl.

What would our world be like if we focused more on these simple messages and left some of the others alone?
I think in my busy world I’ve forgotten how to use some of these precious phrases.
I think I need to remember their power more often.
I think I’ll go practice on that darn puppy some more.
Good girl.


Tristi Pinkston said...

What a cute puppy! And what a cute child, too! :)

Alison Palmer said...

Thanks, the sad part is they both know how cute the are and use it against me regularly! ;)

Anne Bradshaw said...

Oh, looking at that puppy makes me want one. At least for an hour or two. Then I'm over it and remembering how it was.

We really did enjoy our dog for 13 years, and she was a good companion for our children. Only trouble was, she had to go everywhere with us because we couldn't bear to leave her in kennels. Quite a commitment.

Travelling anywhere with 4 children and a large Collie dog in a small British car didn't happen too often.